"Only 18% of organisations are getting a sufficient return on their investment in analytics"

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2018

Most businesses have started their digital transformation journey where processes and technology surrounding data are evolving fast.

But not all corporations will change at the required pace when poor data literacy is dooming CDO office initiatives.

Learn how Datañan conversational business intelligence will benefit to your company.

Benefits of conversational interfaces for your company

Maximize your BI investments

With Datañan conversational interfaces as a complement to your BI infrastructure, you will be able to:

  • Abstract the complexity of BI tools to end-users
  • Make personalized ad-hoc questions without extending the BI infrastructure
  • Limit the license seats on the existing BI tools

Impulse a data-driven culture

Datañan helps you spread access and communication of your data across your company:

  • Promote data ubiquity across the entire organization
  • Advocate for transparency and alignment thanks to shareable insights
  • Integrate with existing collaborative tools (Slack and soon MS Teams)

Improve your decision agility

Datañan responds to your questions on-the-go:

  • Empower employees to be self-sufficient in data analytics
  • Remove the burden on your data analyst resources
  • Turn data into a company business asset

Keys to ignite a succesfull data-driven culture

CDOs cannot simply tell people to change their culture and suddenly become data-driven.
Culture is driven by mindset and action

Build trustable data

Inspire people to believe in data and analytics. Spend data analyst resources on data reliability.

Make data accessible

Remove barriers to accessing data and analytics. Everyone needs data to perform their role.

Data literacy as a spirit

Foster the use of data analytics and motivate teams to become data literate.