Self-service conversational business intelligence

Enjoy a streamlined interface than matches your needs and abilities
to perform data analytics with the perfect mix of natural language, menu-driven interactions and dynamic charting

Always available when you need it

On the road, in a meeting or at the office, Datañan is only one-click away by voice or text. Need a business datapoint or looking for an insight? Ask Jelly.

Shiny live charts and dashboards

Tired of updating your weekly business presentation? Bookmark Datañan charts, create a slideshow on the go and even export to Powerpoint.

AI-powered experience

Powered by state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms,
Datañan creates a truly conversational experience

Speaks your business language

Datañan understands your business semantic specificities and can speak English, Spanish and French.

Guides you in conversations

Datañan guides you through conversational funnels and responds to your questions in context, making data self-exploration easy.

Spread data across the organization

Make your business insights immediately accessible and actionable to everyone

Easy sharing and collaboration

Run a live slideshow in one-click or share your findings with your teams as interactive live charts or in Excel/Powerpoint formats.

Works with your tools

Invoke Datañan directly from email, Slack and soon MS Teams to share data in your existing corporate collaboration tools.

Fast and easy to setup

Quickly add Datañan on top of your BI infrastructure with standard data source connectors
and make BI platforms like Qlik, Tableau or Power BI accessible to everyone

Instant Deployment

Plug data sources, define your business semantic needs, specify user onboarding journeys, train your bot and you can start granting access to your users.

Security and governance

Your data never gets stored in Datañan infrastructure. Choose to authenticate Datañan users using email or your enterprise credentials with LDAP integration.

Datañan for Google Analytics
Datañan for BigQuery
Datañan for Google Spreadsheet
Datañan for Facebook Ads
Datañan for Redshift
Datañan for MySQL

You have more advanced integration needs? You will be covered by our dedicated engagement model.